The private history tour


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We start our tour after consulting with our customers about the time and the pickup point. Santorini is an island with 5000 years old history. And we would like you to travel with us.

First we visit the prehistorical city of Akrotiri, a city that started being build in 3000 B.C.. Next we stop at the monastery of Prophet Ilias and we continue for a walk at the traditional village of Pyrgos. The archaeological city of Thira is our next sight, with the ruins of the city that was build in the 8th century B.C. still remaining in the top of the mountain Mesa Vouno.

Lastly we finish our tour in Fira city, the capital of Santorini island, where you can visit the prehistorical and archeological museums.

Additional information


This tour is about up to 6 persons.


Duration of this tour is: 3 hours.


The price refers for up to two (2) people. Each extra person costs 70 Euros.

The private customized tour

Contact us if you wish to schedule your own private tour, or if you need help on doing that. Photo tour, little churches tour, beach tour or any combination you want. We will be more than happy to find a way to meet your needs. After all this is your holidays and we want to make them memorable in every way we can!